Virtual Early Childhood Development Summit: 23-24 February 2021

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It is key moments in history that change the trajectory of our world.

2020 has delivered us a moment in time unlike any other. History will reflect it as the year that reshaped our future. 2021 is a pivotal time. Our senses are heightened, we are awakened to new possibilities and we are more ready to embrace a revolution. And, so it is the perfect time for a “reimagining” across the early childhood development ecosystem. Reimagine Australia invite you to share in this “reimagining” with us.

“The Reimagining” is a virtual event unlike any that has been staged before. A global virtual summit for early childhood practitioners that thought-provokingly examines and challenges the status quo, using deep insights and key learnings gathered not only from from across the globe, but from outside of the traditional avenues that we have come to rely upon.

The Summit will introduce you to “The Reimagine Early Childhood National Action Plan to 2030” – born out of the first National Conversation with the early childhood development sector since the advent of the NDIS in Australia. It will provide early childhood development practitioners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wisdom and insights of the findings of the consultations that underpin the Action Plan, while exploring its key themes. Together we will unpack and reconstruct the ways in which we respond to and support developmentally vulnerable children and their families.

The Action Plan process revealed what nutrients we need in our soil to grow a responsive and inclusive future. The Summit provides a collective opportunity to sow the first seeds of the future that we imagine.

“The Reimagining” Virtual Summit is an opportunity to nurture and continue our national ‘conversation’ in a way that deeply informs, enables and shapes our practice, whilst focusing on the “North Star” of a reimagined 2030.

Join us, on 23-24 February 2021 as we lay the foundations for a world where every child has every opportunity to thrive.

Don’t forget to use the code SUMMIT50 at checkout to secure your registration for half price. PLUS all delegates will have enduring access to all the summit sessions, so you can access sessions, on-demand, at any time!

Note: for NSW Educators the Summit is NESA Approved for 6.5 hours per day.


“The Reimagining” Virtual Summit will explore key themes designed to enable early childhood development practitioners across the human services sector.

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This is the only Australian-led event for the early childhood intervention/early childhood developmental care sector. With a human service focus, this is an event for all people that work with children that are developmentally vulnerable

The Summit is designed to provide a vision for the future, supported by tools to guide practice.

This is not just another conference on disability. This is an event about holistically embracing difference to enable the most extraordinary outcomes for children and their families!